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1) y hine bebyrigde se biscop of Ceastre Rotbert Pecceö wxs gehaten. 12-13) (2) Dis wses eall ear gedon öurh se biscop of Seresbyrig .... 25-26) (3) y wxran t>aer underfangen of J>one pape Honorius mid micel wuröscipe. 34-35) (4) oc hi wseron siööen totweamde for sibreden. 9) (5) On öes ilces geares wearö swa micel flod ... {jet feola tunes y men weordan adrencte .... 1) (6) oc se eorl weard gewunded at an gefiht fram anne swein. 'But the count was wounded by a thane in a fight. 31-32) (7) £»us earmlice weard eall fet folc swengt.

34-35) (3) Da cusen hi an clerc Willelm of Curboil waes gehaten. 32-33) (4) Hugo of Mundford he sende to Engleland .... 34) (5) ... y namen pone eorl Waleram y Hugo Gerueises sunu. y Hugo of Munford. y fif y twenti oöre cnihtes .... '... 30-31) 52 PRIMARY CLAUSE-LEVEL TAGMEMES (6) y se kyng him geaf eall his land buton his castel ane. 27-28) (7) on fif 7 twenti wintre ne biden hi naefre an god dxi. 3-4) (8) ... he seoö t>et man laet pet serme folc mid ealle unrihte. '... 2. The Pronoun or Modified-Pronoun Phrase The pronoun or modified-pronoun phrase was the second most common filler of the direct object slot.

1. Person Although the third person was the usual form, others did occur: FIRST PERSON: (1) Laferd kyng ic swelte. 8) PRIMARY CLAUSE-LEVEL TAGMEMES 41 (2) Ne ]since man na sellice J>et we soö seggen. 15-16) SECOND PERSON: ... wel pu mythes faren all a daeis fare, sculdest thu neure finden man in tune sittende. '... 2. Number Sufficient examples in both singular and plural number to demonstrate this contrast have been presented in a previous discussion on agreement. 3. Tense As in Old English, verbs in this corpus had only two tense inflections or forms: the present and the past.

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