A Dark Song of Blood (Martin Bora, Book 3) by Ben Pastor PDF

By Ben Pastor

ISBN-10: 1908524316

ISBN-13: 9781908524317

Rome, 1944. whereas the Allies are battling their method up the Italian peninsula, Rome lives the final days of Nazi career. Their international falling aside because the German military, the Gestapo, and the SS vie for strength whereas maintaining glittering and debauched events. yet this is often additionally a time of Italian partisan assaults, arrests, and mass executions, all to the sound of Allied artillery bombardment simply open air the partitions of the city.

Baron Martin von Bora, an officer within the Wehrmacht, has the complicated and gentle job of fixing now not one, yet 3 murders. a tender German embassy secretary has "accidentally" fallen to her loss of life from a fourth-floor window, and a Roman society girl and a headstrong cardinal of the Roman Curia are chanced on lifeless in her condo. The cardinal is in my opinion identified to Bora and, just like the officer, secretly lively within the resistance opposed to the 3rd Reich. With Italian police inspector Sandro Guidi at his facet, Bora units off to set up the reality. diversified as they're, the 2 males confront crime, conflict, and dictatorship within the understanding that the consideration of guy comes at a cost past all mind's eye.

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