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By Kumar Manoj

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6. Define time period. 7. Define frequency. 8. What is amplitude? 9. What is wave velocity? 10. What is the relation between period and frequency? 11. What is periodic and oscillatory motion? 12. M. 13. What is resonance? 14. What is a free vibration? SHORT TYPE QUESTIONS 1. Explain the Generation of wave motion by particles. 2. Differentiate between longitudnal and transverse waves. 3. Differentiate between light wave and sound wave. 4. Explain the proagation of a transverse waves. 5. M. Derive an expression for displacement.

Ans. M of amplitude 1 cm and time period 4 sec. 5. [Ans. M. in a line 4 cm long. Its velocity when passes through the centre of the line is 12 cm/sec. Find the time period. 7r [Ans. " Upto 19th century there was no consideration of sound effects in the halls, auditorium etc. All the buildings such as cinema halls, theatres etc. were found to have unsatisfactory sound means, as there was huge dearth of knowledge on accoustics. In the 19th century a scientist named C. Sabine faced similar problems and suggested ways to get better sound quality and effects in the halls, cinema halls, auditorium.

39\ V a s and ie I I = as volume of the room in cubic metres. The coefficient of absorption. The area of reflecting surface in square metre. = as The total absorptions of the surface of different materials. where a p a 2 , a 3 ------a n are the absorption coeffiecient of different materials ans 81' 8 2 , 8 3 ------8 n are their respective areas in square metres. METHOD TO CONTROL REVERBERATION TIME :The fOllowing methods can be followed to control the reverberation time ;(i) By using open windows, as open windows are the perfect absorbers of sound energy.

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