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Акт самой смерти и ритуалы окружающие ее чрезвычайно различны и проливают свет на культуры, частью которых они являются. В этой краткой и живой истории Дуглас Дэйвис - международно признанный ведущим экспертом в этой области - рассматривает некоторые из самых существенных аспектов смерти и складывает их в незабываемую историю наших отношений к смерти.Темы книги: Смерть - психологические аспекты; Смерть - религиозные аспекты; Смерть - социальные аспекты; Смерть в искусстве


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For others, often in middle age, it emerges in the mind as a novel sense of personal awareness unlike anything experienced before, and may or may not be disturbing. These varied responses will be pursued in more detail 16 Journey Beyond in chapter 2 and are pinpointed here to emphasize that the history of death embraces the innumerable histories of millions of personal biographies whose differences we can but note and whose similarities we hope might be broadly identified. As to death itself, but little can be said since it is a personal experience even though the dying individual may have others with them at the time.

Parting’s Sweet Sorrow 37 One telling backdrop to bereavement interpreted as the loss of attachment is that of the Buddhist world-view with its ideological and practical warning of the problems inherent in the desire for attachment to ‘things’. The apparently sweet desire to possess things that feed the powerful sense of ‘self’ and of who I am in this world turns bitter when we are deprived of them and, especially, when death removes them. The life of renunciation is not widely shared. Few foster that kind of ‘mindfulness’ which sees the world as it appears to us but does not bind itself to its illusion of permanence.

One secular version of the Protestant Ethic is evident in work-obsessed individuals who offer an instructive example of the way attitudes to death, work and life interact. It is not uncommon for such individuals to focus most of their life-energy on work and achievement, quite devoid of any expectation of eternal reward, but as an important Parting’s Sweet Sorrow 29 way of establishing their sense of identity and meaningfulness in life. Then some crisis – a close bereavement or a serious personal illness – stops them in their tracks and triggers a reappraisal of life.

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