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7, it should be noted that there is no discontinuity of phase above the critical temperature and that it is impossible to liquefy a gas, no matter how high the pressure, if the temperature is above Tc . 1 gives the critical pressures and temperature of some common substances. 38 point) is always experienced as a vapour–liquid mixture at atmospheric pressure because Tc = 374◦ C and ambient temperature is well below this. 4 Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium In examining the transition between the vapour and the liquid phases we have so far considered only a pure component with the obvious consequence that the composition of each phase is 100% of that component in all cases.

13) are [ρgh] = (ML−3 )(LT−2 )(L) or [ρgh] = ML−1 T−2 Pressure is a force per unit area, force is given by the product of mass and acceleration and therefore the dimensions of the left-hand side of Eq. 13) are [P] = [mass] [acceleration] [area] or [P] = (M)(LT−2 ) L2 or [P] = ML−1 T−2 Similarly the units must be the same on each side of the equation. This is simply a warning not to mix SI and non-SI units and to be aware of prefixes. The units of the various quantities in Eq. 13) are [P] = Pa [ρ] = kg m−3 [g] = m s−2 [h] = m and therefore the right-hand side of Eq.

The energy transferred to the cans is only a fraction of the energy content of the fuel which is burnt; waste gases from the boiler and leakage from steam pipes all represent losses of energy which cannot be used in sterilisation. Although this energy is lost to the canning process, it is not destroyed and may be accounted for. 38) where Q is the heat added to unit mass of the thermodynamic fluid, u is the internal energy per unit mass of the fluid and W is the work done, per unit mass, by the fluid on the surroundings.

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