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By James Roeder

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Shaped in California in Dec of '42 and built with P-39s. multiple 12 months later, the gang was once thrown into strive against flying P-51 Mustangs opposed to the Luftwaffe. The historical past & strive against operations from its formation to the tip of the warfare in Europe. Over a hundred and forty images, eight pages colour profiles, sixty four pages.

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And leads to 2 case occurs only if the dimension of and leads to G (q) 2 the third D4 (q) V is 4n. ~ 29 REFERENCES 1. R. Brauer, On finite Desarguesian planes, 11, Math. , Vol 91 (1966), 124-151. 2. L. E. Dickson, Linear groups in an arbitrary field, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. Vol 2 (1901), 363-394. 3. R. Steinberg, Variations on a theme of Chevalley, Pac. J. , Vol 9 (1959), 875-891. 4. J. Wong, These proceedings. A CHARACTERIZATION OF W. J. Wong 1 We consider finite groups G with the following property.

Since is It follows that GO has two classes of involutions, and contains the centralizer in of each of its involutions, we have GO = G . G FINITE GROUPS 38 REFERENCES 1. R. Brauer, Some applications of the theory of blocks of characters of finite groups 11, J. Algebra 1 (1964), 307-334. 2. R. Brauer, On finite Desarguesian planes 11, Math. Z. 91 (1966), 124-151. 3. R. Brauer, Investigations on groups of even order 11, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 55 (1966), 254-259. 4. G. Glauberman, Central elements in core-free groups, J.

7. J. Tits, Theoreme de Bruhat et sous-groupes paraboliques, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris 254 (1962), 2910-2912. A CHARACTERIZATION OF FOR K. q w. Phan, '" -1 (mod 4) Bonn (Germany) The following result has been proved: THEOREM: Let t o be an involution contained L (q) 4 in the center of a Sylow 2-subgroup of where q H o Let is congruent to the centralizer of G be ~ -1 t 4. modulo o Denote in finite group with the following properties: (a) G has no subgroup of index 2, G has an involution and, (b) that the centralizer of t in G t C (t) = H G is isomorphic to 39 such H o FINITE GROUPS 40 Then G is isomorphic to L (q) 4 The methods of the proof are group-theoretic.

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