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By Yonggang Ke, Pengfei Wang

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This targeted quantity offers a complete technical assessment of DNA nanotechnology with an emphasis on 3D DNA nanostructure layout and purposes. insurance spans from uncomplicated layout ideas for DNA and RNA nanostructures to their state of the art functions in numerous fields, with the e-book divided into simple DNA and RNA nanostructure layout suggestions in addition to functions using DNA nanostructures, together with yet no longer constrained to nanomedicine, bioimaging, biosensing, nanoplasmonics, nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, crystallography, biophysics, and analytical chemistry. Written for the hugely profitable Methods in Molecular Biology sequence, chapters contain introductions to their respective issues, lists of the mandatory fabrics and reagents, step by step, simply reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips about troubleshooting and keeping off identified pitfalls.
Comprehensive and authoritative, 3D DNA Nanostructure: equipment and Protocols offers the main up to date instructional sort overviews and technical variety protocols to learn researchers in a large choice of areas.

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Figure reproduced from ref. 1 Materials and Methods Materials 1. 1 M EDTA. Filter the solution and store the filtrate at 4 °C. 2. 2 M acetic acid, 20 mM EDTA, and 125 mM Mg2+. Filter the solution and store the filtrate at 4 °C. Design of Dna Gridiron Structures 37 Fig. 9 Schematics (left), AFM (middle), and TEM (right) of (a) an S-shaped structure, (b) a sphere, and (c) a screw. All scale bars are 200 nm in length and all zoom in images are 200 nm × 200 nm. In b and c, the diameter and the width, respectively appear to be larger in the AFM images compared to the TEM images.

A few examples of such 3D expression are illustrated in Fig. 1. DNA Gridiron is a DNA nanostructure design strategy to construct complex wireframe architectures, which is one of the important challenges in nanotechnology [6]. In DNA gridiron design, a series of four-arm junctions are used as vertices within a network of double-helical DNA fragments. Linear segments of double stranded DNA are used to connect a series of DNA junction vertices to form designed wireframe structures. Deliberate distortion of the junctions from their most relaxed conformations ensures that a scaffold strand can traverse through individual vertices in multiple directions.

Annu Rev Biochem 79:65–87 2. Lin CX, Liu Y, Rinker S, Yan H (2006) DNA tile based self-assembly: building complex nanoarchitectures. Chemphyschem 7:1641–1647 3. Aldaye FA, Palmer AL, Sleiman HF (2008) Assembling materials with DNA as the guide. Science 321:1795–1799 4. Chen JH, Seeman NC (1991) Synthesis from DNA of a molecule with the connectivity of a cube. Nature 350:631–633 5. Zhang YW, Seeman NC (1994) Construction of a DNA-truncated octahedron. J Am Chem Soc 116:1661–1669 6. Goodman RP, Berry RM, Turberfield AJ (2004) The single-step synthesis of a DNA tetrahedron.

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