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And he abode in her apartment, nor eating nor drinking, while the Barmecides besought him to fare forth to the folk; and he weepeth and tarrieth on such fashion till she shall return. " So she took the lute and sang three songs, weeping the while. " Then it disappeared and the season of sundown came: so she rose and betook herself to her place in the hall; whereupon behold, the candles sprang up from under the earth and kindled themselves. Then the kings of the Jann appeared and saluted her and kissed her hands and she greeted them with the salam.

The most of them in mirth was the Shaykh Iblis, and for the stress of that which befel him of joyance, he doffed all that was on him of coloured clothes and cast them over Tohfah, and among the rest a robe broidered with jewels and jacinths, worth ten thousand diners. " So she improvised and sang these couplets:-"Barbe of the olden, the one eyed goat! * What words shall thy foulness o' deed denote? Be not of our praises so pompous-proud: * Thy worth for a docktail dog's I wot. " Then all the kings of the Jinn departed, together with those who were present of guards; and Tohfah abode alone, pondering the case of Al-Rashid and bethinking her of how it went with him after her going, and of what had betided him for her loss, till the dawn lightened, when she arose and walked about the palace.

Fie upon thee, O Maymun! Wottest thou not that Imlak is of the chiefs of the Jinn? But for my goodname, thou shouldst have seen what would have betided thee of humiliation and chastisement; yet on account of the festival none may speak. Indeed thou exceedest; dost thou not ken that her sister Wakhimah is doughtier[FN#209] than any of the Jann? " Tohfah replied, "To hear is to obey," and improvising, sang these couplets, "I'm a dome of fine gold and right cunningly dight; * And my sweetness of youth gladdeth every sight: My wine is ever the drink of kings * And I'm fittest gift to the friendliest sprite.

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